Fifteen knows Freedom


My fifteen year old daughter walked into the room as I pondered the many definitions of the word – Freedom. What does she feel it means? Upon asking, I received these answers: no more constrictions, being set free, finding yourself, no more chains and lastly, to have a clear mind.

Putting her on the spot like I did, she voiced some impressive descriptions. The answers were not flippant. To be carelessly tossed out. The wheels turned in her head. All of her being focused on illustration.  

When I observed her demonstration of the first meaning – no more constrictions – Olivia had used her hands to show a space in the air that was small then enlarged. As though she went from holding a baseball to a beach ball.

With freedom comes movement. Just like the flow between her non-constricted hands. They had to move, had to show motion—expansion.

Olivia’s last example – to have a clear mind – grabbed me. Yes! What freedom that is! Is there movement with that form of freedom too? Absolutely. To be surrounded by chaos and turmoil can produce a place of torment in our minds that stifles to the point of immobility. When that bondage is broken, dark turns to light as a shifting happens—movement! Clarity, inspiration, awakening, freedom….

Such beautiful expressions from my insightful daughter’s mind.

art child paint children
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Was I watching a work of art in the making? Like that of an artist dipping her fingers into paint and spreading streaks upon the canvas or a dancer as every twist and turn of his body causes the music to leap off the paper with him?

As Olivia grows in maturity and experiences life, I wonder if her examples will broaden. Maybe I will ask her to elaborate this word, once more, in the future. How drastically will her views change?

Olivia spent the first ten years of her childhood living in a home of Domestic Violence. I thought of how our life had formed her reality of freedom and the way she expressed it. The last five freed from that environment as she, her sister and I stepped into a world we had yet to know together.

One of Freedom. And what a world of vibrate, beautiful color and sound it is!

©2018 Wina Rushing – All rights reserved.

My recently released novel Escaping the Knight in Dirty Blue Jeans, takes you into our life before and after Domestic Violence. Step into Freedom!



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