Freedom Defined

When you think of freedom, what does it mean to you?

I think of being able to live. But not just to feel my heartbeat or to breathe. To experience life in a way I never have before. Free from restraints and bondage that comes in so many forms: shame, addiction, lack of self worth, abuse, grief, hate.Thumbnail

Many destructive forces and fears steal our freedom. They damage our lives. We need to be free to taste joy, cross bridges that await with the courage to explore.

A weight lifted off my shoulders as I found me—who I am and was created to be.

Freedom means different things to different people. Each having their own beliefs, history and perceptions. No wrong answer. A personalized touch expressed in each definition of the word.

Once you have been bound by something or someone and you break free—that is a raw, pure revelation of freedom. Whether it arrives after years of recovery from addiction, a convict that has served his time or having defeated the trap of perfectionism—freedom means life.

Freedom can be as simplistic as a walk out the front door to go anywhere you want. It can also be as complicated as finding escape from the desperate places in your life.

We live in the land of the free, but gaining our freedom was costly. A price paid by someone else.

The price for my freedom was also paid – by me. So how have I learned to live free?

Follow me here and discover how to Live in the Fullness of Freedom.

©2018 Wina Rushing – All Rights Reserved

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